My motorcycles.

The motorcycles which I own are a 2007 Triumph Rocket III and a BMW R1150GS Adventure. At the start of winter I bought an extra Kawasaki GTR 1000.


The Triumph Rocket III is the most special bike I have ever ridden. The bike gives 220nM Torque @ 2500 rpm from its 2300 cc motor block. These are only digits you have to experience the Rocket launch to imagine it.

A very special bike but not suitable for touring, especially because of the heavy weight.


The heavy weight and the ground clearance were the main reasons to buy an extra motorcycle. My choice fell on a BMW R1150GS Adventure. The GS has a lot of space in its panniers, has a huge fueltank, It's a reliable bike, good steering and the bike has a shaftdrive, ABS braking system and enough ground clearance. All this made the bike suitable for my trip to eastern Europe and the Balkan in 2008. Afterwards I could not have a better bike to do this ride.


In winter the streets get smooth. So that is why they sprinkle brine on the streets in the Netherlands. It is good against smooth streets, but it is totally not good for a motorbike. That is why I bought an old Kawasaki GTR 1000 from 1986. It is a very fine bike for touring. Don't forget that the bike is more than 20 years old. Even in winter there are many days for a fine motorride. Because of the brine I don't want to get my nice motorbikes at the streets during winter. I am addicted for motorriding, even in winter. So that is why I bought the Kawasaki.