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On this website I want to take you with me to several destinations which I visited on several motorcycles.


My name is Gerard and I live in the eastern part of the Netherlands in a village called Losser.  

When I was a little child I could spend many evenings reading an atlas and dreaming about destinations which I would travel by myself.


The motorcycle virus is genetic estimated, just like the rest of my family. (see


Back in the 70's when I was a little child, I saw on the Dutch television a broadcasting about motorcycles and travelling. At that time I had in mind that I would do that by my own when I am big. In the mid 80's I saw a movie at the German television. It was a movie with the famous Thomas Gottschalk. The movie was called Big Mäc. Afterwards a very simple movie but at that time it was very impressive for me.


In 1993 I finally got my motorcycle drivers licence. After that many motorcycles and travels followed.


I will try to place as much motorcycle travel stories at this website as possible. First I will place my latest travel stories. In the future I want to place the travel stories from earlier too. 


In 2007/2008 I saw another movie which I found very impressive. I saw Ewan McGregor en Charley Boorman in The long way round en The long way down . Especially the phrase from Ewan  McGregor I call historical.

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