This year the tour would be different than other years. First of all there was a totally different bike. Not a H-D Roadking ( but a Triumph Rocket III. I was planning a trip to England, Scotland and Ireland for 2007. The heavy raining at these places during the summer of 2007 stopped me to go overthere.

I changed my plans and I choose for an other Island. I went to Corsica. I had never been there, but I had heard a lot about it. After a week Corsica I was ready with the Island in the Mediterranean see. I could not get the northern part of Europe out of my mind, I wanted to go there. So I went on my Triumph Rocket III and cruised to the beautiful country, Norway.

The weather forecast looked good but after one sunny day the rain came. I mean real rain. It rained cats and dogs and it dit not became dry again. It even became very cold too, my back was hurting because of the cold so I decided to go home.

After a few days I went on the road again. With our Motorcycle Group the BUDTJES I went to Austria,Italy and Switzerland.


I wish you a lot of fun with a new travel story of



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