This is the first year I went with the Triumph Rocket III  on tour. To get luggage on a new bike can be a problem. In this case it was simply not responsible to drive with the large bags at the back of the buddyseat.

After a day's work, I finished a very strong rack which was strong enough to carry the bags. Because of the rack  I had a delay by one day to departure south.

The next morning at ten o'clock I started the Rocket with the Swiss Bellinzona as destination for the first day. According to the Garmin good for 900 Km.


In a few hours I am in southern Germany which was a fast ride, Switzerland is already in sight.

At the last gas station on the motorway I purchase a vignette (I paid 28, = )for the Swiss motorways. At the border everyone gets monitored on the vignettes. I can pass the border because I have the vignette pasted visible at the frontfork. Who has no vignet is lead to the right and must still buy a sticker.


The next morning I awake of the noise of a chainsaws and falling branches. If I put my head out of the tent I see that there are some loggers beside my tent who are pruning the trees.

I pack up my luggage on the Rocket and depart at 10.30 am from Bellinzona.

On the motorway I drive further to the south. In a short time I pass the border with Italy. The throttle goes firmly and within no time I have passed Milano and drive in the direction of Modena.


Near Modena I leave the autostrada and I drive to waynumber 12 towards the 1388 meters high Paso di Abetone.

The 12 is really a great way to drive with a lot of curves. Perhaps the pass with most curves per kilometer. However, it is a busy road with heavy traffic. Not so much tourists but mainly local people, lorries and vans. The road is about 180 kilometers long. If you drive the road firmly it takes about three hours to drive it.

Along the road you find enough bars and restaurants to eat and drink for a fair price.


In the evening I ride into the city Livorno to get a ticket for the ferry to Corsica. at the time I get there it is very busy. Just at the moment I am there a ferry is almost leaving. There is still a traffic jam which I must past till I get in the harbour. At the barrier there is a guard. I ask him where to buy tickets for the ferry. The friendly guard tells me that I have to be at the building with the yellow billboard.

There are two shipping companies. Moby Lines and Corsica-Sardegna ferries. Corsica-Sardegna's office is closed so I bought a 77 euro ticket at Moby Lines for the next day. I could have left at the same day, but after four hours at the ferry it will be dark at Corsica and if it is not necessary I will not drive in a strange country in the dark.


By the time I have my tickets I drive the Rocket to Pisa along the via Aurelia (ss1). I know from my journeys in the past a nice campingsite over there.

The weather is fine, not to hot and it is sunny. Best weather for riding the motorcycle.


At 06.00 am my alarmclock goes off, time to go out of my sleeping bag and get on the Rocket to drive to the harbour of Livorno.

When I arrive at the harbour I am not the first one. At the early moment it is in the harbour  already very busy. The ferry, Moby Vincent is ready to leave.

As usual in the Mediterranean countries everyone is very busy and wants to be first abord of the ferry. From the crew I may pass the queue of cars. I can place the Rocket near a few other motorcycles. Those bikes are tighten by the crew with some old ropes. Fortunately I have brought my own straps so it is not a problem for me to get the Rocket tight. 


Within a short moment the ferry is full. At 9.00 a.m. the ferry is leaving exactly on time.

Aboard it is very busy. I can even can't get a seat. Everything is full.


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