At 13.00 I depart from the Netherlands to the north German city, called Kiel. I want to be aboard intime at Stenalines Stena Germanica. This ship will bring me in 14 hours to the Swedish city called Gothenburg.


After much traffic jams, mainly in Hamburg I arrive in Kiel at 17.30. Overhere everything is at least well marked and it is not such a mess like in Italy / Corsica. 


The embarkation goes smoothly. The motorcycle is professionally fixed by the crew. Everything is fine arranged.


On board it was already a lively bunch, there is a band with good music.  Food and drink and you can take something from the grill on board.


Due to the large chimney of the Stena Germanica you can clearly see the ship at the port of Kiel.


At 19.00 the Stena Germanica departs from the port of Kiel in the direction of the Swedish Gothenburg.

The seagulls which are richly fed by the people on board are flying with the ship.